What's this website about?

Investigateway is about information and investigation resources. Where to find it, how to access it lawfully. Although the site is geared toward investigators and particularly private investigators, anyone wanting to go beyond Google or Yahoo! search engines, might find here what they need.

We also give you access to info about investigators and PI services all around the world in our PI directory.

And just in case you think this is the place where you can find out how to access someone's phone records, then forget it, you can't do it. Unless you want to find yourself a criminal or a crooked copper to try it.

Investigateway gives you insight into what private investigators can do, are allowed to do, and cuts through some of the fog of misconception about the lawful work of private investigators.

Investigateway is also about giving you thorough information about what is involved in being and becoming a PI. We give you access to the how and the why of PI work.

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