• 04 August 17
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How to find someone

Learn how to locate persons

Locating Persons - skip tracing training

Our friends over at ASSI International, arguably the very best investigation trainers in Australia, are running a short 2 day locating persons training course in Melbourne crammed full of knowledge and experience how to find someone like the professionals do. Skip tracing is a challenging area of private investigations and well trained talented people are always in demand. You better hurry to book as the course starts 28 August 2017. This course is ideally suited to private investigators or people in an occupation that requires tracing people, but you too might want to join the course. Visit ASSI International and full details here.

  • 26 July 17
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Govt aim to break your encryption

The challenges for law enforcement investigators

Looks a lot like smoke and mirrors. The recent government push to obtain legal powers to force Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and all and sundry to provide access to encrypted data stored or transmitted by the public seems to be a ploy. How can an Australian law force an American company to comply with Australian law? Suppose it can coerce them by threatening restriction to Australian consumers and users.

Notwithstanding the technical problems of accessing their users' encryption keys in order to share them, let's say the American companies agree to give Australian law enforcement agencies the desired access to protected data. What the average (informed) user could do is to start using a service in other countries. There's thousands of sources of software and data storage in countries around the world which do not comply with US or Australian requests or court orders. People could avoid Australian efforts by switching.

Your friendly local ISIS supporter could make an encrypted video call to his friends in Syria or Afghanistan using encrypted service in Myanmar and then clean out any left-overs on his smart phone. ASIO would taken posession of his device and find nothing incriminating. Totally defeats the governments law.

Here is an intelligent review of the situation by Andrew Keane Woods, Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law.

  • 15 July 17
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Trust your government? But do you trust criminals with decryption?

The decryption conversation

Keeping proivate stuff secure

Here we go again, smart (LOL) politicians want to force Facebook, Google et-al to help them break encryption. Whilst their argument in favour is commendable, it's also plain stupid. First of all it is accepted by those who understand technology and mathematics that it's not possible for the companies to break the encryption of messages they handle for their users, stupid politicians (yes including Mrs Brandis) want to ignore two important realities: if government and messaging companies find a way to do it, then criminals and nasty people will too; second, government agencies have been known to occasionally (excuse the gross understatement) have crooked coppers and officials abuse their facilities for a variety of reasons.

Imagine, if Faceook technicians work out a way to enable police to access your WhatsApp messages, then what do you think the technician will say if some criminal syndicate offers him 10 million dollars to come over and provide the solution? Or, if some criminal warns the technicians he will kills each member of his wider family unless he cooperates.

The idea is stupid. Malcom and Mrs Brandis are being typical politicians (doh!). They ignore the reality that despite police in the UK having the law on their side insofar as access to private data is concerned, they cannot make the companies decrypt encryption.

  • 12 May 17
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Corporate Spying

is that visitor who you thought it is? Are you sure?

Corporate spying

Do you take on face value everyone who comes to your offices? Whether employee or visitor, there is always risk of intellectual propertt theft and corporate espionage. Look at the five visitors above; the four on the left are visitors from a consulting firm signing in at front desk and waiting to meet their client. The woman on the right is waiting to meet her friend for coffee. Or are they?

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  • 20 Mar 17
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Investigative Interviewing – Getting it right the first time

PI Association crest

Friend of this website, Daren Jay, is not just a top bloke but also a seasoned trainer with a background in policing and training. He is a qualified Investigative Interviewing trainer having been trained by Kent Police in the UK as a specialist interviewer of vulnerable children and adults. He has interviewed 1000’s of victims of crime in relation to sexual offences, homicide and fraud/corruption offences in jurisdictions all over the world.

Daren is presently employed as a Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator with the NSW Government and back in 2005 Daren qualified as a UK Home Office Tier 3 Video Interviewer enabling him to video interview adults, children and other vulnerable persons in relation to child abuse offences and other serious sexual offences. Now as Director of Interview Management Solutions (IMS), Daren now provides an Online Investigative Interviewing Course designed for PIs. And just because he thinks we are nice people, he allows our site visitors a 25% discount when you sign up for this outstanding online course. During sign-up just quote INVESTIGATEWAY2017’ to receive the...

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  • 08 Mar 17
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CIA Hacking tools and procedures


Just when you thought your iPhone is the most secure mobile phone, the CIA goes and hacks it to listen, watch and track you. And they can do the same with others. And they can bypass anti-virus and firewalls on your Windows! And did you hear? They can listen and read your Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram messages despite totally secure encryption (they just pick you up before the stuff gets encrypted). Thousands of pages and millions lines of code have been released by Wikileaks. Now think about this, if the CIA can do it then then Russians can do it. And ASIS can do it and who knows, maybe even your state police can do it! LOL. TIme to get rid of mobile phones, computers and televisions. Oh, yes, they also can hack cars.

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  • 31 Jan 17
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Spousebusters busted?

Brett Sutcliffe

Private detective Brett Sutcliffe, 37, has failed to cover his own tracks after a run in the law that should have blacklisted him from the industry. The founder of PI agency Spousebusters has been operating without a licence after a conviction in 2008 for impersonating an Australian Federal Police officer and menacing an elderly woman in North Bondi. A Fairfax Media investigation has found that his attempts to have his licence re-instated have been rejected twice by the NSW Police yet he continues to run the nation-wide agency.

Full SMH article

  • 12 Jan 17
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Store and Forward Bugs

Electronic Bug for Store and Forward data

Store and Forward Bugs are Child’s Play

What if a TSCM sweep conducted the night prior to an important meeting detected no suspicious transmissions and the real time monitoring also indicated no suspect communications? Does that mean no eavesdropping took place? Not necessarily… Audio and or video data could have been recorded and scheduled to be transmitted at a later date. This eavesdropping technique is often termed as Store and Forward Bugging.

The concept of ‘Store and Forward’ bugs is not new; however, such devices are (thankfully) generally not readily available over the counter at the local ‘Spy’ shop or EBay, they can be expensive and in our research, sometimes restricted to law enforcement..

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  • 07 Jan 17
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West Papua

West Papua Freedom Demonstration

We support West Papua freedom. Freedom and independence from Indonesian brutality and oppresion.

You might have heard that a West Papua supporter displayed a West Papua flag the other day on the roof of the Indon consul general's premises in Melbourne. You might also have seen on the news that the Indon military has suspended all military cooperation with Australia after some Indonesian soldiers on training in WA were exposed to West Papua freedom material. Can you believe it? The Indonesians slapping us over the wrists and suspend training? Hey guys, we are funding your brutal and corrupt military! So that you continue in West Papua and more efficiently kill and brutalise locals. And then, wow, Indonesia’s foreign minister "urges" Australian authorities to act against the protester who hoisted a West Papuan flag.

Of course our govt via our foreign minister and that woman, what's her name, the defence minister, promptly climb up the backsides of the Indon government to assure them we are all hunky-dory with their deal and their so-called sovereignity of West Paupa. Says something about Australia supporting human rights, right? But hang on, did you know this has been going on for more than 40 years? West Papuans have been abused and displaced and killed and we, and the world, has stood by with our collective heads in the sand?

Check this info out and speak up! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/benny-wenda/indonesias-brutal-crackdo_b_10244572.html | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papua_conflict | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsONXIMGatw | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbbndM9U4Fs

And while you're at it, get a T-shirt to support independence for West Papua.

  • 16 Dec 16
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Walls have ears... and so do watches

Smart watch

As someone once wrote, “With the introduction of the Internet of Things, comes the Internet of Evil Things” and this is also apparent with BYO devices, including smart watches, to the work place. In the modern world of corporate espionage and IP theft, corporate security protocols should include regular Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) during which sweep teams survey for surreptitious listening / recording / transmitting devices (in their various forms) and hidden cameras, particularly within the executive suite of offices and board rooms. Typically, if a board..

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  • 15 Dec 16
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Justice. Finally.

Eddie's off to prison!

Mum always said you must not rejoice in another's suffering. Sorry mum, but I can't help it - hurray! And good riddance to bad rubbish. Eddie Obeid the corrup politician will have that snide smirk wiped off his face as he spends the next three years in prison. He will have plenty of time to contemplate his shrinking fortune and further charges that are pending against him. Never know, might get lucky and get another three years!

  • 08 Dec 16
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You can be infected by a banner ad PNG image

Turns out that some big news media sites were running ad banner capable of infecting your computer with a variety of nasty stuff. You didn't have to do anything except view the web page that displayed the ad. This exploit is capable of concealing maliscious code within the image and it triggered a series of events to retrieve some bad Flash code which got fed into your browser and before you could say what's going on, you were infected and your internet banking, etc etc was exposed to bad people. The problem is, you didn't actually become aware anything happened until your bank balance shrunk.

All this just by visiting a legitimate major media website? Yes. If you are a little bit technicall minded you should have an interesting read of it here.

  • 26 Nov 16
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The new investigateway.com.au

Finally after a long time of neglect we have our new site up and running! What a relief! Hundreds of hours of work, but we are pleased with the outcome. We hope you will find the new site useful now that all dead links have been removed and lots of new rources added. And finally you can use the site on your mobile or any other display. Google will like us better too.

Specifically, we have updated the investigation resources area and also all of the PI agencies both in Australia and around the world. Don't forget, you can get listed free of charge.

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Track and Watch logo

ASSI International has released TracknWatch a new tracking method that allows you to use "Watchers" who can stream video specifically to you. This might be about events or accidents or the weather or crime scenes across the globe.

Have a look at http://tracknwatch.com and you can become a watcher. If someone needs your service to see something, such as a real estate auction or house inspection, they engage you. The watcher attends the location and via a mobile phone streams live video and audio to you.

  • 26 Nov 16
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Duck Duck Go search engine

You know, don't you, that Google etc etc track you and log every search you run. And then the government etc can look up to see what and when you searched. DuckDuckGo does not keep logs, does not track you.

We support