About Investigateway

Investigateway.com.au is an investigation portal containing thousands of resources and sources useful in investigating almost anything. Investigateway is also a source of investigation books and guides useful for private investigators or anyone wanting to discover information. Investigateway is also the place to find a private investigator or investigation agencies throughout Australia and the world.

This website started in 1997 (initially under a different domain - michaelsgateway.com) and since 2000 has become investigateway.com.au. It has remained online continuously for more than 20 years.

We believe in contributing toward raised standard and ethics in private investigation and a wider acceptance of private investigators in Australia as 'professionals' providing essential services in spheres far wider than just insurance and liability investigation.

This website is owned and operated by Michael Hessenthaler, a private investigator practicing between 1975 and 2007.

In the operation operation of Investigateway.com.au we rely extensively on fedback and support from site visitors comprised of about 50% Australian visitors and several thousand page views per day from around the world.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the enhancement of resources and sources for this website is welcome to contact us.

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