Am I under surveillance?

Or, am I bugged?

How to identify the signs of being under surveillance - article from QCC in the UK.

Someone is watching

If you spot any of the following signs and are suspicious that you may be under unauthorised surveillance, then you need to think about calling in counter surveillance experts to minimise the risk of losing further confidential business information.

  • Third parties seem to know your private business activities. This would be of specific concern if you had taken some reasonable measures to ensure company confidentiality.
  • Company confidential information and trade secrets are known to others.
  • Competitive quotes or tenders are being awarded to your rivals by very small margins.
  • The contents of private documentation is quoted or referred to by third parties.
  • Static, interference or fluctuations in the quality of telephone communications.
  • Your office or home has been the victim of a commercial or private burglary with very little loss or nothing at all was taken.
  • Interference to various systems including TV, radio, wireless communications, suddenly appears or is intermittent.
  • Electrical sockets, wall plates or fixtures and fittings seem to have been moved or are not straight when no work has been undertaken.
  • Damaged or disturbed ceiling tiles, or debris is discovered on surfaces could indicate unauthorised entry into the false ceiling or tampering.
  • Unusual external activity by contractors or vehicles, often vans parked near to your building for extended periods of time.
  • Disturbance to office furniture, or office equipment ornaments, draws seem to have been tampered with. No explanation for this can be found.
  • Intruder alarm activations occur when no persons have been present on site or break in is evident.
  • Un-scheduled workmen turn up to perform maintenance work, this can occur during office hours or during the out of office times when night security guards are protecting the building.


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