Relationship between Police and PIs

By Warren Mallard

Warren Mallard is no longer with us, but he was one of the most successful private investigators in Australia for many years. Warren's opinion was valued and often sought by many and Warren frequently appeared in TV. Although a former police officer, he tirelessly battled against incompetence in the NSW police and amongst some PIs who should never have been allowed to hold a licence.

Police involvement

There is a lot of hindsight in my many years as an investigator and a serving police officer ( 40 years) and with that hindsight comes an  historic experience of both disciplines and an understanding that the CAPI registry and the police (in their present form) just don't understand a gentle approach, nor in the past 29 years have they reacted favourably to one. They have however reacted to the Squeaky Wheel and with some considerable effect in many achievements that I am proud I was involved in.

It is the dreadful culture within and the laziness and the lack of direction of the NSW police and those who are at the helm that are the cause and that we are up against.

Despite there being a published police directive to police not to disturb surveillance operatives or disclose what they are doing to the subjects of lawful investigations and to do their best to co- operate, as recent as last weekend they did exactly the opposite to this.

Despite them being advised in writing that a notorious investigator was bankrupted they failed to act and take his license.

He still trades and brings the industry into disrepute every day.

Despite there being publications regarding the actions of another notorious and recently convicted investigator, they had no knowledge nor reporting mechanisms in place to alert them of his actions and not until I drew it to the attention of CAPI did they know.

I could go on and on with a very well documented history of incompetence but there isn't enough room on Michael's website and I won't bore you all. I do keep Michael apprised on a regular basis however and leave to Michaels discretion as o whether he publishes everything I write. For the record he does not publish everything I write and many of you may be thankful for this small mercy.

This is proof positive that the hierarchy of the police and the State Minister are at the very core of this very ineffective, disgruntled, well trained and equipped group of police. I have never had a beef with the rank and file police, as a former police officer I look at what has taken place in the past 15 years with shame and disappointment as well as pity for those who joined to serve and who found a very different police force than was indicated in the glossy publicity campaigns. It's the fish rotting at the head I have a problem with.

I know several serving members of the police that are about to jump ship like hundreds of their colleagues already have. Just look at the figures regarding recruitment and departures. Every week I receive calls from police making inquiries about the Investigation Industry and listen to the very same mantra, "The Jobs F-----."

These figures alone in the corporate sector would bring about the dismissal of the board.  Alas in the public service to some degree the hierarchy are Koala Bears, protected species.  Look at the track record, Michael Costa (couldn't get it right) Tony Kelly (sacked) and now we have a police minister that it seems the Premier himself will take over the portfolio of. Heaven help us all, talk about changing deck chairs on the Titanic. The problem is that the NSW public are the iceberg in this case.

I say this to those serving in the police against the odds and those with less hindsight and those who have not served selflessly nor served in both disciplines for as long as I have, it took a bloody huge atomic bomb to break the back of the enemy in the second war. Sometimes you have to do serious battle and bust ass to win.


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