Sources and Issues

PI gadget

Obviously there are many sources of specialised equipment used by investigators, whether private or police. Many people want to buy equipment for personal applications with an emphasis on electronic spying. We do not condone illegal spying especially spying on your partner and your partner's mobile phone. In Australia in all states it is illegal to listen to or record conversation without consent. In most states it is illegal to use electronic tracking whether with a special tracking device or through stealth app installed on a mobile phone without consent. Just because you might the owner of a car used by someone you want to track does not give you the legal right to track it unless you have consent, in specific states, from the driver.

  • DJI Technologies - incredible, useful and good quality equipment especially the OSMO range
  • OSMO camera gimble also available on Australian website Michaels
  • OZSPY - being a local business they understand about our rules and can advise you what to buy
  • SPYCITY - another Australian business with a large range of gadgets

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