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Gamma Investigation

City: Sofia

Detective agency with main activity - Surveillance, Background investigation, Investment research, Identity verification, Corporate investigation, Marital infidelity etc.

We are a full-service private investigating agency. Our agency has built its reputation on providing a quality of service that is consistent,thorough and confidential.

Gamma Investigation provide a comprehensive range of services. We can organize, co-ordinate and supervise all forms of investigations that are necessary to complete the task you require. Private Investigators at Gamma Investigation have the necessary experience and sophistication to assist you in obtaining your desired results.

We use numerous methods to determine the facts in a variety of matters. We use the most up to date surveillance equipment. This includes hidden and body cameras, as well as long range cameras. Color photographs of each subject are included in reports submitted to clients. These are an essential accompaniment to each file for identification purposes and to assist when assignments are re-investigated at a later date, either by us or other companies.

Our operatives utilise fully equipped surveillance vehicles. It is possible to obtain excellent quality video and photographic evidence from a stationary position in even the most difficult surveillance assignments while maintaining a discreet and elusive stance. Many problems in the workplace are unsolvable by normal methods. We can place an undercover operative in your work place to investigate employees.

Phone: +359889595399

Email: gamainv@yahoo.com
Website: http://gammainv.webs.com/