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We do not provide any warranty as to the authenticity, legality, skills or licensing status of any person or agency listed here. We do not verify credentials. It is up to you to satisfy yourself about the credentials, licensing status and suitability of any person or agency listed here.

Beware that some investigators engage in dubious practices and several investigation agencies and individuals in Australia have been subject to prosecution and/or are under investigation by authorities; and have lost their licence. Due to the ineffectiveness of some of our law enforcement authorities, some of these investigators and agencies continue operating by stealthy practices such as assuming new business names and addresses.

If in doubt then check with police, licensing authorities or business associations about the business. Don't take things on face value.

Don't pay an up-front fee without proper documentation and agreement provided by the agent as you could end up losing your money. Honest and ethical professionals are open and frank with their clients.

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