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D-Tect Intelligence & Special Investigations Agency

City: rishon le zion, Ramat gan

D-Tect have over 20 years of experience and employ highly Professional team of licensed Investigators in the field of intelligence and investigations through Israel and the middle east. with our outstanding resources, we can help your clients solve their problems.

D-tect - Intelligence & Special Investigations Agency, Strives to provide the most professional and personal service in the industry. Ready to meet the Client's needs, we offer Individualized Investigations and Use State of the Art Equipment.

Our agency specializes in conducting complex investigations in Israel, Europe and United States, Undercover operations and surveillance in criminal cases, divorce cases, profile and background checks, and applies a full range of investigative services.

We are sure we can obtain for you, the best possible results of conducting investigations in Europe and other countries, in cost affective manner.

We serve Attorneys Businesses & Individuals in Israel and aboard, in the following areas: Undercover operations and surveillance in criminal cases, Witness interviews, Divorce cases - spouse fidelity, honesty, activity competition surveys and checks, due diligence investigations, Counter eavesdropping Sweep (debugging), Integrity checks, Brand protection, trade Marks/Copyright infringement, Fraud & Theft investigations and more.

Phone: +972505501024


Aviram- Hawk consultant Investigations and operations

City: Haifa

Or office is nationwide operating. We oprate in: Israel, United States,South America, East Europ, Russia and West Europe.

We have been in business for the last 10 year. We will provide you with our best preformance in field.

Call us for free consultaion today!!!!

Phone: +972-50-5301401