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IPIA (International Private Investigator Agency) KOREA

City: Goyang-si

⁂ Personal Investigation ⁂ Corporate Investigation ⁂ Hidden Asset Investigation ⁂ Tail & surveillance ⁂ Missing Person Search ⁂ Criminal trace Etc.

Phone: +821090882791

Email: interpiagency@Gmail.com
Website: http://www.interpiagency.com

Korea P.I team

City: Seoul

We are a team of private investigators, highly trained former military and police officers in Korea. Each of our Private investigators have experienced for more than 10 years.

We are; Private Investigator, Sean ( Chief ) Private Investigator, J. W. Lee Private Investigator, D. I. Kim We always provide an Investigation Report that contains a lot of detailed information and objective results.

For clients many different types of needs, the Investigation Reports include written and visual evidences such as government/council documents and photos (audio and video if necessary). These informations are very strong evidences to fulfill your needs.

Phone: 821022506639

Email: koreapiteam@gmail.com
Website: http://koreapiteam.blogspot.com

Providers Korea

City: Seoul

Providers Korea, being a business intelligence and investigative company that knows Korea well, produces quality results with reasonable budget on due diligence, fraud investigation, legal support, background checking, computer forensic, executive/event protection and TSCM.

Business Suite 5, Westin Chosun Hotel,
87 Sogong-dong, Jung-gu,
Seoul, Korea South

Phone: 82 2 777 5767

Email: prochi@providers.co.kr
Website: http://www.providers.co.kr