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InfoSources Sp. z o.o.

City: Poznan

Our staff have many years of experience in the private investigation, enforcement and IT security management sectors.

Our professional and discreet approach allows us to ensure a high quality of service for our clients. We work for corporate clients, legal offices, professionals and private individuals.

We are member of World Association of Detectives.

Phone: +48 780 183 710

Email: info@infosources.pl
Website: https://www.infosources.pl/

ASVALIA Detective Agency

City: Warsaw

ASVALIA Detective Agency in Poland utilized their in-depth knowledge and huge expertise to go deep to reach at covered facts to expose the prime reason and vital information.

We have increased our area of investigation to cover up the entire cases right from the personal issues to the professional issues of the corporate and businesses which there is the little possibility of our involvement to show some light on the vitality of the case.

Phone: +48221120660

Email: biuro@asvalia.com.pl
Website: http://www.asvalia.com.pl

CONTRA Risk-Management Sp.z o.o.

City: Czluchow

We are a professional, licensed Private Investigative Agency established in 1992 and run by a licensed detective with experience in criminal intelligence.

Our team speaks Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic hence operates throughout Europe as well as other countries.

We specialize in both private and corporate backround checks, surveillance, asset and persons search, intellectual property law enforcement and have also gained experience in risk management cosultancy. We assure reliability, confidentiality and are ready to assisst anytime we are needed.

CONTRA.RISK-Management Sp. z o.o.
ul. Chojnicka 2
77-300 Czluchow
tel. +48 513 129 851
tel. + 48 501 781 415
fax: +48 52 348 70 77

e-mail: office@contra-riskmanagement.pl

Member of: CII, ABI, WAPI, WIN, NAIS, IWWA, IDP, Association of Polish Detectives.

Website: http://www.contra-riskmanagement.pl

IBBC Group

City: Warsaw

IBBC Group is the leading company in Poland in risk assessment, optimization and support for the decision-making process. Our reputation and effectiveness results from experience in business risk management and a professional team.

IBBC Group is based in Warsaw and its operational-analytical center in Radom. We have our consultants and representatives in the largest cities in Poland, as well as in all countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our team consists of lawyers, detectives, analysts, IT engineers and numerous experts from many industries. As a result, we offer to our clients complex consulting services and solutions in all fields and industries.

We offer our services in Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian languages. Thanks to cooperation with international networks and affiliated companies, we can run Clients' matters not only in Poland, but also outside the borders of Poland.

Phone: (+48 22) 2035371

Email: office@ibbcgroup.com
Website: http://www.ibbcgroup.com