Behind the Private Eye

Private Investigation Book
By Chris Cooper

Behind the Private Eye book


"Behind the Private Eye" is authored by Australian private investigator Chris Cooper and was first released June 2005. Chris Cooper began working in the security industry from 1987 and was soon locating debtors and delivering court papers as a process server. By 1989 he had started his own PI business, with special skills in the area of rural and difficult terrain surveillance.

Chris Cooper commando in Australian Special Forces Reserves

Chris was also selected for the Australian Special Forces Reserves. Here are some shots of his action-packed life:

Chris rapelling

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

For thirteen years Chris worked as both a commando and a private investigator. He completed several investigator training courses with both NSW TAFE and Charles Sturt University. Having secretly followed and photographed hundreds of people throughout his career as a PI, Chris has a wealth of experience which he now shares with readers in this book.

To his credit, he has:

  • Arrested numerous offenders while he worked as team leader on large surveillance operations
  • Worked undercover on covert operations, including posing as everything from factory floor worker to ‘qualified’ X-Ray technician
  • Infiltrated criminal networks distributing counterfeit goods and pirate pay TV services, resulting in convictions
  • Worked as a live-in armed bodyguard to several clients
  • Worked in the Philippines on a remote goldmine in heavily occupied NPA terrorists, narrowly missing a kidnapping attempt
  • Qualified as an Army instructor in many Special Forces disciplines including mountain warfare

In 1999 Chris was posted overseas with the Army to Bougainville, where he personally devised and instigated “Clean-up Bougainville Day” which was approved by the Defence Force. It brought the Australian Army and several warring factions such as the BRA together for a community orientated activity day. On a personal level Chris has experienced life in many facets, including as a BridgeClimb tour leader, personally manufacturing the torches for the 2004 Greek Olympics, working as a model, working as stand-in actor on films like Mission Impossible, and other unusual occupations.

Chris is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of surveillance. Although still involved in the investigation industry as a speaker and training consultant, he is now conducting government funded research and development into a new positioning and tracking technology.

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