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Here you will find books relating to private investigation. The authors are Michael Hessenthaler (the owner of this site), Chris Cooper and Garry Maher. They have produced useful, relevant, realistic and entertaining material for private investigators, private investigation students and people thinking about becoming private investigators.

01. Investigation eBooks

By Michael Hessenthaler

This series of Australian ebooks and guides are authored by a private investigator with more than 30 years experience in the field. They are available for online purchase and direct download.

Books by Michael Hessenthaler for download

These ebooks (PDF file format) and guides cover most spheres of private investigation including

  • All you ever wanted to know about private investigation
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Claims Investigation
  • Conducting Factual Investigations
  • Writing Reports (factual, motor vehicle theft, burglary)
  • Interview and Statement Guide
  • Insights and Tactics for interviews

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This material is a big help for student investigators doing the Cert III in Investigative Services, for new investigators and even for established PI operatives. The material is directly relevant to Australian law and conditions, written by an extensively experienced Australian investigator.


02. Behind the Private Eye

By Chris Cooper

Certified "Training Package Support Material" in Australia, an essential fully up to date instruction manual interspersed with anecdotes. A massive book at 544 pages. Top reviews and accreditation. A must for new private investigators and useful help for established investigators.

Behind the Private Eye book

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03. Investigating Made Simple

By Garry Maher - a guide to the principles and practice of complaint and incident investigation.

Investigating made simple book

Investigating MADE SIMPLE would be a valuable resource for investigators, investigator trainers and learners, as there seems to be few non-legal/non-technical reader-friendly learning resources in Australia to meet the increasing requirements around the investigative functions of ensuring law enforcement, compliance, safety, security and regulation.

Certified "Training Package Support Material"

Find out about Garry Maher or purchase the book online from the exclusive Australian distributor - ASSI International.

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