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Private Investigation
By Michael Hessenthaler

Michael Hessenthaler is a retired PI who was first licensed in 1975 and worked in the field for more than 30 years.

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Michael tells it like it is - realistic and no BS. The writings deal with investigation such as private investigators practice in the real world. He tells you the tricks of the trade and explains how it's done. Michael also explains in great detail, step by step, the area which is usually the most difficult for PIs - factual investigation. He explains the steps, the concepts, the law, liability and negligence. And importantly, how to write a factual investigation report.

Book - All you ever wanted to know about private investigation

These ebooks are available in PDF and/or DOC file format:

All you ever wanted to know about private investigation

Book - Motor Vehicle Theft Claims InvestigationMotor Vehicle Theft Claims Investigation

Book - Conducting Factual InvestigationsConducting Factual Investigations

Interview and Statement GuideWiring Motor Vehicle Theft Claim Reports

Interview and Statement GuideInterview and Statement Guide

Insights and Tactics for interviewsInsights and Tactics for interviews

Factual Investigation Reports Factual Investigation Reports

Public Liability Factual Investigation Guide Public Liability Factual Investigation Guide

Factual Investigation Reports Burglary Claim Investigation Reports

This material will be of help for student investigators doing the Cert III in Investigative Services, for new investigators and even established PI operatives as it is directly relevant to Australian law and conditions, written by an extensively experienced investigator. These books will enlighten anyone wanting to know what private investigators actually do and how they do it. If you are thinking of becoming a PI, this is essential reading for you.

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